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"Southern Guards Brigade"



The "Southern Guards Brigade" was Founded in 2001 as a Family Oriented Organization of Independant Companies who place God -Country & Honor first and share the same goals and ideals ,perpetuating the honor of our ancestors without all the politics associated with most organizations .Since that time the "Southern Guards", has grown in stature and respect and now has membership in 9 States.
            Because of the tremendous growth of the Battalion, As of 2008 The Southern Guards are now known as  the Independant "Southern Guards Brigade" .
        We welcome your interest and invite you to become a member of the fastest growing Family Oriented Organization in reenacting today, that puts "WE before Me " and is genuinely concerned with the membership and the perpetuation of the honor of our ancestors.



                                    Brigade  Staff
Commander-  Brigadier General 
J. Richard Parsons
1st Battalion Colonel    Richard W. Parsons  

2nd Battlalion  Colonel  Perry Sutherland

3rd Battalion    Colonel  Ray Adkins    

Brigade Provost-  
Captain  Alan Hayes                        
 Chaplains-       Fred Ufford  & J.W. Binion  

"Southern Guards Battalion" C/O Brigadier General Jery R.Parsons-302 Oakwood Avenue-Pennington Gap,Virginia 24277